Samsung SL-M3325ND ### Gadżety Samsung ### Eksploatacja -10% ### Negocjuj Cenę ### Raty ### Szybkie Płatności

Samsung SL-M3325ND ### Gadżety Samsung ### Eksploatacja -10% ### Negocjuj Cenę ### Raty ### Szybkie Płatności

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High speed printing Robust ProXpress 3325 series feature print speeds of up to 33 ppm, powered aby a Cortex™-A5 core processor and up to 128 MB of memory.1 High speed and performance enable businesses to accelerate document and image processing for increased efficiency. **Product dimensions may differ from image provided. Additional printing choices for professional documents The printers’ multipurpose tray supports media of up to 220 gsm (grams per square meter) in weight, which offers more printing choices for professional documents. Numerous labels, cards and envelopes can be printed using the multi-purpose tray with ease. This ability virtually eliminates the time it takes to feed sheets one at a time. Higher-quality print output ReCP technology improves readability of printed documents aby enhancing thin lines and sharpening the edges of negative text. The ProXpress M4025 | 3825 | 3325 series deliver sharp, solid prints with effective output print resolutions of up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. Convenient mobile printing optimized Print wirelessly and share effortlessly with the ProXpress M3325. Simply download the MobilePrint application from the Google® Play store for Android™ and the Apple Store® for iOS®. After downloading the application, the mobile device automatically detects nearby, compatible Samsung printers. One Touch Eco button Businesses can lower toner and paper usage with the One Touch Eco Button. The One Touch Eco Button automatically activates 2-up printing (two pages on the same side) and duplex printing (printing on both sides). Users can also choose the option to skip blank pages in the Toner Saving Mode. These eco settings can be adjusted using Easy Printer Manager. Easy Eco Driver Easy Eco Driver software, granted the 2012 Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award from Buyers Laboratory (BLI), saves users up to 20 percent on toner. The software also reduces energy consumption. Users have the option of removing images, converting them from bitmap to sketch, and removing text to save toner using the Toner Saving Mode. Built-in duplex printing ProXpress 3325 series provides professional two-sided documents, brochures, and booklets with ease, which can also help save money and reduce paper use. Easy Printer Manager Easy Printer Manager helps companies remotely control settings, such as the One Touch Eco Button features. Multiple devices can be monitored and managed using Easy Printer Manager. Businesses can also monitor printer status, such as error messages, including paper empty, toner empty and paper jam alerts.

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